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Indonesia has an array of flavorful cuisines and spices enjoyed by people around the world. There seems to be no limit of food to choose from, whether it be a broth-soaked noodle or as simple as a plate of fried rice. It is no wonder that the dishes, desserts, and cuisines are bowls of richly-flavored spices, traditional herbs, and seasoning that was inspired from other countries and will awaken the food lover in anyone who tries the foods that are as diverse as the multicultural society of Indonesia.


Spicesandfood online food marketing has been in the exporter since the year 2001. The store solely focuses on spices and food that are originally from Indonesian supplies. With a large selection of food that varies from Indonesian coffee, candlenut, cinnamon, indomie mie instant, sappan wood, etc, the customer can buy as their wish content because of the store’s reasonable price and food of the highest quality.

Spicesandfood have shipped many products worldwide and is confident it the quality of the products the store delivers. The online store has a customer service for inquiries and while the store is diligent to offer the best, it also guarantees 15-days money back if the product is not up to the standard expected. All the orders are expected to be delivered within 24-48 hours upon successful payment confirmation. Customers should be able to receive their order within 5-15 business days depending on where they are ordered from. The store also has a refund policy where the customer can apply if they had received any damaged goods that have been ordered within 30 days. To acquire added details on this kindly check out spicesandfood


Payment for all items purchased must be made only in US Dollars by bank transfer, credit card r PayPal at the time of purchase. The purchase from Spicesandfood is subjected and governed exclusively by Terms and Conditions applied by the online store and request the customers to follow accordingly.